Fiera Salone del Mobile Milano :

What can a trendy fair tell you about the near future ?

The anual furniture and design fair "Salone del Mobile" in Milan, is not just an ordinary fair. It's 1400 exhibitors, including emerging talent, showcase their products to an anticipated 300,000 visitors from 160 (!) different countries. This all makes this fair not only worlds premier furniture and design fair according to quality, but also an incredible bulky one according to its size.

And what can this fair tell you about the near future of your habitat ? That's a story that -surprisingly- isn't told on this fair itself, but just outside of it in the city of Milan ! 

Like the power of big media (magazines and tv-channels) shifts more and more in the direction of the individual person who operates under his own name in "social-media-land", the power of the fiera seems to lay more and more in the nice and almost forgotten areas of the city centre. These are the places where inventive people can showcase their products for hopefully a lower rent-price, in a more cosy atmosphere, providing their little brands a very friendly and suitable background. And where the big names on the fiera have to find ways to make their products attractive and more visible than the stuf of other competing brands, (just to keep their plants alive and their workers laboured), these emerging brands focus on arts and crafts and on what -they strongly believe in- will be the most essential in the near future. This completely different approach, with a flexibility toward producing method, used material(s) as wel as production-size and -costs, therefore is very flexible and can move quickly in the direction of a much more sustainable producing-process. 

And this seems to be going on right now in the world: we focus on the good, pure and unspoiled products and areas, products and areas with a mission and a noble goal, and we seem willing to pay for craftmanship, originality and knowledge, and urging to live in a smart and responsive environment as soon as possible. We are looking for offbeat places for that, places that are becoming hotspots then because of the internet and pop-up flexibility of nowadays' work and life. Re-inventing and regaining the industrial areas and forgotten neighborhoods of the urban landscape. Giving even small initiatives a chance when they are worth that.